My initial introduction to photography was when I graduated in high-school. My parents got me my first camera for the upcoming trips that followed that year. I was first interested in documenting landscape and life in the streets of my hometown. However, I felt that I wanted to go outside of China to learn and discover a different world. I needed to get out of my hometown to see the world. That’s the reason I came to Academy of Art University to achieve my master degree in photography. When I moved to the United States, I fully began to enjoy the life here. I go out and talk to people, making friends with the local people. I love street fashion, and America is the best place for me to do what I really want to do. I found that it is very easy to meet people with same hobbies here and the working atmosphere is so good. I always think I have made the right decision.

My interest in photography grew even more when I was able to land an internship in a photo- studio. In my internship, I was exposed to commercial photography, specifically to the field of fashion and e-commerce. It was then I discovered my calling to the commercial world of photography.

I worked as a studio photo assistant for 3 years We photographed for magazines, high-end fashion brands and events (i.e. fashion shows, etc.). Because of this experience, I was able to hone my skills and develop my own photographic work. I was able to learn about the quality of light and how it is used to exemplify emotions through its attributes.